O’s’ Adam Jones gets pie times two

Two home runs, both opposite-field shots, in one game, a big win

over a division rival — that’s something to be

celebrated in a special way.

That’s just what the Baltimore Orioles did for Adam Jones

on Friday after he clubbed a pair of homers to right field in a


win over the Boston Red Sox .

Two “pies” to the face during the All-Star center

fielder’s postgame interview didn’t come from other

players, but instead from first-base coach Wayne Kirby and hitting

coach Jim Presley. The latter even waited patiently for Jones to

wipe off his face from the first round before nailing him a second


Did Jones seem a little irked? He did say something about how

Kirby had violated pie protocol by not leaving Jones with a towel.

After all, Jones knows something about proper delivery of the

postgame pie.

You get the idea. If an Oriole is going to get face full of

shaving cream while being interviewed on TV, Jones invariably will

be one of the guys doing the deed.

But at least he wasn’t


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