Quotes about the All-Star rosters

Quotes from around the majors about the AL and NL rosters

announced Sunday for the All-Star game July 12 in Phoenix:

”It would have been a great honor to start, but they got it

right and hopefully one of these years I am starting. … The guy’s

leading the league in hitting, he can play great defense, he does

so much for a team. We’re different players. We both the same

position but I’m a guy that has some power and drives in runs, he’s

a guy that gets on base and scores runs. Very exciting player.” –

Colorado shortstop Troy Tulowitzki, overtaken by Jose Reyes of the

Mets in the last week of fan voting.

”My dad usually can’t shut up, but when I called him he had

just seen it on TV and he was speechless. He couldn’t say anything.

It was nice to see him react that way. My mom and dad and brother

and sister are all going to make the trip.” – Kansas City reliever

Aaron Crow, one of 24 first-timers picked.

”I thought we’d have a few more guys, yeah. I also know how it

works. It’s not a fair process. The process you do, I’ve been

through it. I would never criticize. … The rules they have,

there’s good reasons, I understand them. But if you’re going to

abide by those rules, guys are going to get left off. You just have

to know that going in.” – Boston manager Terry Francona.

”It would be very nice to get in the game. Last time I went in

’09 and didn’t get to play, it’s kind of an empty feeling a little

bit.” – Houston outfielder Hunter Pence.

”It will be new for me. You always want to shoot to start the

game and now I’ll finally have the chance to do that.” – Atlanta

catcher Brian McCann, the All-Star game MVP last year. This will be

his sixth All-Star appearance and first start.

”It will be huge simply because Michael can handle every

position on the infield, so that gives me versatility right there

and that’s exactly what he’s done for the Texas Rangers so far this

year. He’s handled many positions and it hasn’t affected the style

of play Michael goes out there and plays with.” – AL manager Ron

Washington of Texas on reserve Michael Young of the Rangers.

”I know he’s going to try to pick a bomb squad, you know what

I’m saying?” – Boston DH David Ortiz, captain of the AL Home Run

Derby team, on NL Derby captain Prince Fielder.

”Around last week my wife said we need to know if we should buy

tickets. They’re the ones that prepare everything and do

everything. I told her I didn’t know. She’s like, ‘Well, it seems

like you’re going because you have a lot of votes.”’ – NL starting

third baseman Placido Polanco of Phillies.

”It wasn’t even on my mind. I was actually planning what I was

going to do on the off-days. Probably was going to stay in a condo

on the beach that my buddy has. Maybe go out on the water in a

boat. Just relax.” – Tampa Bay outfielder Matt Joyce.

”The three guys that are starting are guys that should be

starting at their position. A lot of times – and I know the fans

are a huge part of what we do – but sometimes the fans vote for who

they like and the superstar that’s been there before and may not

even be having a good year. It’s nice to see our guys voted in and

those are the top three guys at their positions. That’s really

cool.” – Milwaukee manager Ron Roenicke on the election of Brewers

outfielder Ryan Braun, first baseman Prince Fielder and second

baseman Rickie Weeks.

”I’m happy they made the team but I don’t particularly want all

three of them pitching.” – Philadelphia manager Charlie Manuel

after aces Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels were picked for

the NL side.

”I’ve only made one other All-Star team in my career, and that

was in high A, and it was in my backyard. The game was at the

Clearwater Threshers stadium, but I didn’t get to play in the game.

They sent me down to low A to pitch a playoff clinching game that I

lost. It was a very weird dynamic that I was kind of bitter about

at the time. So this is the second All-Star team that I’ve made,

and obviously it’s the big leagues, so it’s a lot cooler.” –

Washington reliever Tyler Clippard.

”I think maybe a little strong. A little bit melodramatic. But

at the same time, it is satisfying to be able to bounce back from

the tough year last year and return to a level that I’d like to be

at.” – St. Louis outfielder Lance Berkman, on whether he feels

vindicated coming off a down season.

”Vote often, and vote a lot. I want to get there. I want to

play in the All-Star game.” – Washington outfielder Michael Morse,

one of five candidates in fan voting for the final NL roster