Hal Steinbrenner: Yanks ahead of last year’s sales

Spurred by a World Series title and some price cuts, the New

York Yankees are ahead of last year’s sales pace at their $1.5

billion ballpark.

Managing general partner Hal Steinbrenner said before Tuesday’s

home opener that the team had reached the equivalent of 37,000 full

season tickets.

The Yankees had sold 35,000 full season equivalents by the time

the stadium hosted its first regular-season game last April 16, and

New York sold 2,000 more by the end of the opening month.

Steinbrenner said the Yankees will soon stop selling season plans

to keep inventory for individual game sales.

New York renamed 538 seats along the foul lines Champions Suite,

removing them from the Legends Suite and cutting off access from

the duplex Legends Suite Club. The reclassified seats sell for

$350-$550 for individual games, while the 1,357 remaining seats in

the Legends Suite are $450-$1,600 for individual games, down from

$500 to $2,625.

New York also cut 3,400 tickets behind home plate in the lower

deck from $325 to $235-$250 per game as part of season plans.

“The big change here was giving our fans yet another option as

far as tickets,” Steinbrenner said. “A few more food


New York drew 3.72 million last season, an average of 45,918 for

81 regular-season home games. That’s down from 4.29 million, an

average of 52,928, for the final season at the larger old Yankee


Tuesday’s home opener drew 49,293, the largest regular-season

crowd at the new ballpark.