Cardinals Nation sorry for poor taste

After the bombing at the Boston Marathon in April, Bostonians

took on a slogan, “Boston Strong.” Just a couple of words, but

those words represented and inspired courage and toughness for a

city that had suffered a terrorist attack.

It didn’t have anything to do with the baseball team, so when a

St. Louis Cardinals fan group called

target="_blank">“Cardinals Nation” started selling merchandise

bearing the words “St. Louis Stonger,” a lot of people in Boston

and everywhere else took exception to it.

This being the Internet, the condemnation was swift and

“Cardinals Nation” has apologized.

Makes you wonder what the intent was, exactly.

Remarkably, what “Cardinals Nation” did wasn’t even

original.  Incredibly, it is the third fan group to bastardize

and monetize the “Boston Strong” idea.

The first to do it was


target="_blank">an idiot in Toronto, who during a game against

the Boston Bruins held up a sign with a ribbon and “Toronto

Stronger” written on it.

Then, preposterously, a Chicago outfit called Cubby Tees started

selling Blackhawks T-shirts with “Chicago Stronger” written on


Each time this has happened, the consensus has been that it is

in poor taste, and yet it keeps happening. T-shirt ideas, it seems,

are really hard to come up with.