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LeBron, Curry or Jordan: Who won NBA All-Star Weekend?
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LeBron, Curry or Jordan: Who won NBA All-Star Weekend?

Updated Feb. 21, 2022 6:57 p.m. ET

After an exciting weekend of basketball festivities, it all came down to the NBA All-Star Game on Sunday.

Team LeBron pulled out a 163-160 victory over Team Durant, thanks to a 50-point performance (16 3-pointers) from Stephen Curry and James' game-winning fadeaway.

Michael Jordan, who was honored as one of the top 75 players in NBA history, watched from the sideline.


On Monday's "First Things First," Kevin Wildes broke down who really won the All-Star Game and why.

"In the spirit of the Olympics' Closing Ceremony, I have invented a new segment called ‘Wildes’ Medal Stand' … where I give out medals to different NBA players based on their performance over the weekend or the previous night," he said. "Coming in with the bronze — oh, it's LeBron James! Solid. You're on the medal stand. … Coming in with the silver, it's Steph because Steph actually won the All-Star Game … with a great performance.

"Oh, and then the gold. It's G-O-L-D for G-O-A-T. Michael Jordan, fresh off a second-place finish for Bubba [Wallace] in Daytona, … He almost tore the house down. … Has the biggest cheers of the entire All-Star Weekend. … Jordan won the weekend … overall and the NBA 75," Wildes added. 

"This was supposed to be LeBron's weekend. This was his homecoming. The Lakers are struggling, so I thought this was gonna be his time to show out and remind everybody — the NBA world and 74 of the greatest players there."

On the other side, Wildes' cohost Nick Wright had different thoughts. He explained why the weekend's winners "were obviously a couple of kids from Akron" and why he applauds Jordan for what he believes was the beginning of passing the GOAT torch to James. 

"This could be Steph's year. [He] broke the all-time 3-point record, dropped a 50-piece in the All-Star Game … and he might win the title," Wright said. "So, he's one of the winners, and the other winner is obviously LeBron because, for good or for bad, he made very clear that all things involving the NBA — from future drafts to current GM rankings to any storyline anyone's interested in or winning games — goes through him.

"And you know who also knows it?" he asked. "Michael Jordan. … Michael is a smart man and is resigned to the fact that, 'This was probably my last major NBA moment where I'm recognized as the GOAT, so I'm going to soak it all in. … I'm going to do something I've never done publicly or privately. I'm going to embrace LeBron because I hope he's gentle in the transition of powers of greatest player ever.' 

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Akron, Ohio's very own James finished with 24 points, six rebounds and eight assists in 36 minutes on the court, while fellow Akron native Curry put up 50 points, five rebounds and two assists in the same time.

While Wright thinks that MJ is no longer the GOAT, it appeared the crowd in Cleveland thought otherwise.

Jordan received the largest standing ovation from the crowd, despite having defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers in the playoffs many times during his time with the Chicago Bulls

"The loudest cheer in Cleveland yesterday wasn't one of the many brilliant basketball players currently playing," said Colin Cowherd on Monday. "It wasn't for LeBron James, who is from Akron and brought the Cavs a title. No. The greatest cheer was for a guy from Chicago who basically crushed Cavalier fans' dreams for years."

"The loudest cheer, and I think it says something, was for Michael Jordan," he added. "The most popular former athlete in America is Michael Jordan. … Michael wasn't always likable, we saw that in the documentary. I mean, he was a great basketball player, but he gets significantly more love than any former athlete. And I'll just throw this out there. Maybe it's because what Michael stood for is what we're often missing. Michael has respect for fans. … And Michael fought through adversity, and that lands with fans."

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