FOX Sports’ Save of the Day: Hyeonwoo Jo rejects a German scoring chance | 2018 FIFA World Cup™

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JOHN STRONG: Reus on the turn, rolled wide. Joshua Kimmich, a little bit of space.

He picks it up. Kimmich just floating it in.

Free header in front! Forcing a phenomenal save [INAUDIBLE] by Cho Hyun-Woo. Third save for him, today.

STU HOLDEN: Well, we're going to look at this save from Cho Hyun-Woo. As it comes out to Joshua Kimmich, there's a lot of time on the ball.

I just think Goretzka, he has to come back and get this because it's behind him. So, he has to readjust his body, and it's a really good snap header down into that quarter.

What a great save! Feet were set. Good push off, and then a strong right hand to palm it away.