Tony Parker: Divorcing Eva Longoria ‘was hard’

Tony Parker appears to be happy again.
Eric Gay/Eric Gay/AP

Tony Parker divorced television star Eva Longoria five years ago, but the glittery marriage still seems to follow him wherever he goes. Here's what Parker recently had to say in a French television interview on Conversation Secrete:

Well, none of this is all that surprising. Divorces are typically difficult situations, even more so when placed beneath a microscope. 

But the San Antonio Spurs point guard recently remarried a French journalist and has a son. He's also back to his normally efficient self, after slumping last year through several nagging injuries. 

It's safe to assume that he's moved on, and everyone else should to. 

(h/t: San Antonio Express-News)

But, Parker said during the interview that walking away from Longoria was difficult. “It’s not easy to leave a relationship, because when I get involved in something, I want to do well,” he said in the conversation translated by In 2013, reported Longoria told TV-famous Dr. Oz she didn’t know she was depressed after the divorce, adding that she didn’t eat much. “My diet was coffee,” she said in the interview.

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