Pelicans grab last playoff spot in West, Nets get last in East

April 14, 2015

Anthony Davis and the Pelicans are in. So are the Brooklyn Nets.

New Orleans clinched the eighth and final playoff spot in the West on Wednesday with a 108-103 victory over San Antonio. The Pelicans will face the Golden State Warriors in the first round.

Russell Westbrook and the Thunder were eliminated despite a 138-113 victory at Minnesota.

Meanwhile, Indiana needed to win at Memphis to get in, after Brooklyn beat Orlando, but the Pacers couldn't get it done, giving the Nets the eighth and final spot in the East.

Some more storylines settled on closing night:

The defending champion San Antonio Spurs started the night No. 3 in the West but fell all the way to No. 6.

Houston got the No. 2 seed with a 117-91 victory over Utah and the Spurs losing, and the Rockets will face the Mavs in the first round. The Los Angeles Clippers have the No. 3 seed and will face San Antonio. Memphis will be No. 5 and face Portland.

Top-seeded Atlanta will play Brooklyn. No. 2 Cleveland gets Boston. Chicago is the No. 3 seed after it beat Atlanta 91-85 and will face Milwaukee; Toronto is No. 4 despite beating Charlotte 92-87 in its finale and will face Washington.



No. 1 seed: HAWKS (60-22)

No. 2 seed: CAVALIERS (53-29)

No. 3 seed: BULLS (50-32)

No. 4 seed: RAPTORS (49-33)

No. 5 seed: WIZARDS (46-36)

No. 6 seed: BUCKS (41-41)

No. 7 seed: CELTICS (40-42)

No. 8 seed: NETS (38-44)


^ No. 1 seed:  WARRIORS (67-15)

No. 2 seed: ROCKETS (56-26)

No. 3 seed: CLIPPERS (56-26)

# No. 4 seed: TRAIL BLAZERS (51-31)

No. 5 seed: GRIZZLIES (55-27)

No. 6 seed: SPURS (55-27) 

No. 7 seed: MAVERICKS (50-32)

No. 8 seed: PELICANS (45-37)