When Does the First Win Streak Come for the Sixers?

The Philadelphia 76ers have done decently at home this year so far, but when will their first win streak come along?

The Philadelphia 76ers really impressed the NBA world when they were able to defeat the Phoenix Suns by 15 points to win their third straight home game of the season on Saturday night. Although that streak is impressive, especially from the Sixers who started their season with seven straight losses, they still have yet to win on the road, and yet to have a legitimate win streak.

All of their wins, up to this point, have been separated by road losses. Win streaks are big in the NBA. When teams start winning multiple games in a row, they start to feel good, and often times that makes them seem unstoppable to their opponents.

The Sixers do have a chance on Monday night to have their first win streak of the season. With the home crowd behind them, and them going up against a Miami Heat squad that is still trying to find their identity with the off-season departure of Dwyane Wade, it seems like they have at least some sort of shot at pulling this one off


The reality, however, is that the Heat are a much better team than the Sixers, and although the Sixers may be able to win a game or two against Miami this year, it’s not probable that they will be considered favorites going into any of those games.

After the Heat, the Sixers have the Memphis Grizzlies at home, and with the leadership of Mike Conley, it seems unlikely that the Sixers will win that one either. The Chicago Bulls are next on the road, then the Cleveland Cavaliers at home after that, capped off the following night against the Toronto Raptors in Canada.

I don’t see the Sixers taking any one of those games, but wouldn’t be shocked if they walked away with a win in one of the games. The chances of them winning two in a row in this string of games, though? Slim to none.

After that tough streak of games, the Sixers do have some very winnable games. They will play the Sacramento Kings, the Orlando Magic, the Boston Celtics, and the Denver Nuggets in a four-game home stand. I could see the Sixers easily taking the first two games, and with that momentum on their side, they may be able to take the remaining two games in that home stand as well.

The Sixers match up well with the Kings, who they have not faced this year, and only lost to the Magic by two points when they first faced them.

That stretch of games begins on November 30th, and if the Sixers win the first and second game like I am predicting they will, that would make their first win streak complete on December 2nd.

That seems pretty upsetting for an NBA team to not win two games in a row until December, but considering that the Sixers didn’t even win a game until December 1st last season, there’s improvement that is easy to see.

The Sixers never had a win streak last season, and have not had a win streak since March 20th, 2015.

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