‘We’re not best friends’: Kevin Love talks about relationship with LeBron

With the Cleveland Cavaliers, Kevin Love hasn’t exactly been his team’s centerpiece. That’ll happen when you join up with LeBron James, the best player in the world, and Kyrie Irving, the game’s premier young scoring guard.

Many have speculated that Love isn’t long for his role with the Cavaliers, and could leave as soon as this summer, when he’s got the chance to test free agency. He’s had a relative lack of offensive touches in the Cavs’ system, and there would be no shortage of suitor teams looking to pay him big money to be the focal point of their attack if he were to pursue that path. Last year, Love looked every bit the part of a top-ten player. 

And while Kevin has steadfastly maintained that he intends to rejoin Cleveland in 2015-16, he also hasn’t sounded enthralled when asked about how things are going in Ohio.

Love joined ESPN’s Mike & Mike on the airwaves Monday morning, and was asked about his relationship with LeBron. "You know, we’re not best friends," he said. "We’re not hanging out every day, but we see each other every day, whether we’re at the practice facility, whether we’re on the road or going to a game… I think our relationship is also evolving."

While the former Minnesota Timberwolves superstar is certainly toeing the company line, he’s also giving just enough for his skeptics to chew on.

Listen to Love’s full interview here, and decide for yourself how he’s feeling in his new digs.