Tony Allen and other NBA players react to Donald Trump winning the election

Whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, left or right, up or down, it’s probably safe to say you are shocked. Donald Trump pulled off the upset of the ages by beating Hillary Clinton in the electoral college race, something almost no one predicted. Here’s how the Memphis Grizzlies and the NBA reacted.

If you have been on any type of social media, last night and into today, you’ve probably seen a lot of mixed reactions to the results. Whether it’s a cry for change or a statement of disgust, everyone has their opinion on Donald Trump becoming president. The NBA player and some Memphis Grizzlies players are no different.

You had some players who used their platform to inspire a sense of unity for the coming days. As many people and athletes pointed out, race has become a big issue and divider. No matter where you stand on the issue the only way to move past it and get better is to stand together, which is what players were asking.

On a less serious note, you also had a few athletes who took to Twitter with a more humorous approach.

#TheProcess himself weighted in. Like any time he hits the “Tweet” button it’s pure gold.

In my opinion though, the one of the more inspiring athlete reactions of the night was our own Grizzlies players, Tony Allen. In a video posted on The Uninterrupted, Allen explained his thoughts on the matter.

“We need to be better as individuals in order to be better as a whole. That will shape this country to what we need to be.” – Tony Allen

It’s probably safe to say the election last night didn’t go the way most predicted. No one gave Trump a chance to over come the deficit he dug himself into. Much like no one thought the Golden State Warriors would blow a 3-1 lead, but here we are, Donald Trump as President Elect and a Championship trophy in Cleveland. I think we can all agree America is better when we are united as one. Spread love, not hate and resentment. Cheers.

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