Steph Curry is the second-best player of all time according to ‘NBA 2K’

Two of the greatest ever, side-by-side.

Ezra Shaw

It’s impossible to talk about this year’s Golden State Warriors without mentioning the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls, who are the greatest basketball team of all-time. Those comparisons start with Stephen Curry, who’s doing things on the offensive end of the floor that we haven’t seen since Michael Jordan’s prime.

Don’t take our word for it on that one, though; instead, look no further than NBA 2K16, which offers fans an opportunity to play with both current and historic teams and players. Only one player in one specific season in that game registers as a 99 overall rating — ’95-’96 Jordan, of course.

Until Thursday, Jordan was also the only player to have any seasons rated as a 98. But after an update to the 2K rosters, Curry has now risen to that lofty level, matching Jordan’s other stellar campaigns and surpassing the peak versions of Hall of Famers such as Magic Johnson and contemporaries like LeBron James.

His Airness dominates the defending MVP in categories dealing with post offense, size, rebounding and defense — areas where Curry is unlikely to close the gap any time soon. So unless the fine programmers over at 2K decide to jack Curry’s 3-point shooting above and beyond 100, Jordan’s advantage over Curry is probably safe.

If the NBA adds a 4-point line, though? All bets are off.