Steph Curry only needed 2 years to top Michael Jordan’s career mark

Steph Curry is starting to overshadow Michael Jordan

When viewed through the lens of single-season brilliance, pure popularity and game-to-game dominance, Steph Curry is officially flying into Michael Jordan’s stratosphere.

The 27-year-old Warriors star is averaging a league-best 30.7 points per game on a team that’s 56-6. It’s very cool, but not half as impressive as him scoring more points than anybody else while being one of the most efficient players ever. 

Curry’s 32.4 PER is the highest in NBA history. His 68.0 true shooting percentage leads the league and would tie Artis Gilmore for 11th best ever if the season ended today. 

If you still don’t think these stats are enough to put Curry in the Jordan conversation, get a load of these jaw-dropping numbers:

Now, of course, Jordan played in a different era, with different rules and less acceptance of the three-point line’s true value. Threes were never MJ’s greatest strength. But even after factoring all those truths into the equation, this is still incredible. 

Jordan launched 1,778 threes in his illustrious 15-year career. He retired a 32.7 percent three-point shooter (despite nailing 42.7 percent of them in 1996 on the most attempts of his career).

But Jordan also led the league in scoring 10 times and averaged 30.1 points per game for his entire career. He just didn’t need the three-point line to dominate like Curry. 

Curry is about to win his second MVP, and could win his second title on a team that breaks a 72-win regular season record held by Jordan’s 1995-96 Chicago Bulls. If he sustains this level of play for the next seven or eight years, he may go down as the best ever. 

Though obviously, he still has a long way to go.