The NBA’s executive chef is finally ready to get back in the kitchen

The 2019-2020 season has been a nightmare for the Golden State Warriors.

After moving into the new Chase Arena in San Francisco, the Warriors roster has been decimated by injuries, leading them to the worst record in the NBA.

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But, there is a reason for optimism waiting right around the corner.

After missing the past four months of the season with a fractured left hand, two-time league MVP Stephen Curry is set to make his return to the Warriors lineup this on March 1.

Curry has only played four games this season and struggled in those games to get free, considering the Warriors are without Klay Thompson (torn ACL) and Kevin Durant departed to Brooklyn in free agency.

However, the news of Curry’s return has led to questions about the upside of the decision.

But, fact is, Golden State needs some sign of life. Curry is that and then some.

There is always a chance of re-injury, or injury period, whenever a player steps on the floor. That shouldn’t deter Steph from coming back and playing.

In other words, hoopers hoop.

There has also been word of Curry wanting to play in this summers Olympics in Tokyo.

What better way to prepare for the Olympics than to get more in-game reps?

Curry is the leader of the Golden State franchise. His presence is about more than wins and spectacular plays.

Although, there is always a chance that fans will witness something like this when the chef is in the kitchen:

Or this!

Never forget the chef’s greatest creations.

What to expect from Curry remains. But you can’t underestimate the power of a little sunshine in northern California.

Congrats, Bay Area. Brighter days are ahead.