Watch 12-year-old Taylor Swift sing impressive anthem before 76ers game

Raise your hand if you thought crossover music star Taylor Swift was from Nashville.

Well, to everyone with their hands raised: She’s not. Swift was born and raised in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, and as a 12-year-old youngster, sang the national anthem at a 2002 Philadelphia 76ers game at the former First Union Center, current Wells Fargo Center.

Lucky for us, there’s video.

Swift donned an American flag sweatshirt and headband and showcased her powerhouse voice in her rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

(Editor’s note: While the header to the video says "Taylor Swift at twelve years old", Swift was 11 at the time she sang the anthem)

It’s not a love story, but we’ll take it.

h/t to For The Win



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