Quincy Acy…The Three Point Shooter?

Quincy Acy returns home to Dallas in a dream scenario where he looks to be a spark off the bench, but does he have an outside shot that could have an impact?

The four-year forward out of Baylor has bounced around in his first couple of years in the league, but now finds himself back home playing for the Dallas Mavericks. Known for his unmistakable beard and his ferocious play on the court, Acy is still looking to find his home in the league.

Acy averaged just over 14 minutes a game last season in Sacramento and now finds himself coming to Dallas where he will be battling Dwight Powell for backup minutes in the front court.

We all know Acy can rebound the basketball and give the team a sense of ‘nastiness’ off the bench. But could he give Dallas a stretch four option off the bench?

As I stood baseline watching the last portion of practice on Day 1 of training camp, I stood fixated on Justin Anderson and Seth Curry taking part in the three-point shooting drill that most players take part in at the end of practice.

Shooting five balls at five different stations around the arc, Curry and Anderson took turns knocking down what seemed to be effortless shots. But then Quincy Acy stepped up to the line in the corner to start the drill.

If there was one thing that stood out to me the most after day one of camp, it was the shot of Acy. With Acy being known as a bruiser type of forward off the bench, hitting 18-of-25 from behind the arc raised some eyebrows.

Acy did shoot 38% from behind the arc last season, but only attempted .8 threes a game. If Acy has always possessed the ability to shoot the ball from outside, teams like Sacramento and New York simply never gave him the chance to showcase it.

One of the biggest knacks against Dwight Powell’s game last season off the bench was his inconsistency shooting the ball. Now, Acy comes in where he can possibly challenge Powell for those minutes if his outside shot is going down.

Even though the money was handed out to Powell, if Acy can shoot the outside shot like he did in practice today, we could see a nice battle at backup power forward taking place.

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