Matt Barnes responds to Fisher firing with an all-time Instagram post

The Matt Barnes/Derek Fisher feud is a (gross) gift that keeps on giving.
Kent Smith/NBAE via Getty Images

Matt Barnes does not like Derek Fisher. He hates the guy. Badly. So when news broke Monday morning that the New York Knicks fired Fisher as their head coach, everyone couldn’t wait to see how Barnes would react. 

Would he post a video of himself laughing uncontrollably in his living room? Would there be an unnecessarily long Facebook post or extended tweet that, in excruciating detail, captures all the reasons why New York made the right decision? (The word "snitch" would probably be used six dozen times.) 

Both are good guesses, given Barnes’ reputation as an emotional loose-cannon, but both are wrong.

Instead, the Memphis Grizzlies forward decided to go with a simple and subdued self-portrait. It’s a face that says "I told you so" in a way only Barnes can:

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For those who don’t know, Barnes and Fisher have not been on speaking terms since October, when Barnes reportedly drove to his estranged wife’s home to confront his former teammate for having a relationship with her. A punch was thrown, and the NBA suspended Barnes for two games after conducting an investigation. 

It’s all really gross, and Barnes was exceedingly wrong to put his hands on another human in front of his wife and children. But at this point, all everyone involved can do is move on. After getting the last word in, Barnes appears ready to do just that. Hopefully.