NBA to move logo to back of jerseys; are ads coming next?

The NBA logo is apparently set to make a subtle — but potentially very profitable move — to another part of all league uniforms.

The staple red, white, and blue outline of the great Jerry West will move from the usual upper-chest area of NBA uniforms to the back, according to an report.

The new placement, according to the report, will be just below the neckline and above the players’ names. Eighteen of the 30 NBA teams currently place their team logos in this location, but those will be replaced by the relocated league logo, the report said.

This detail was picked up on with the release of the new trio of Charlotte Hornets’ uniforms that lacked the familar logo on the front:

The NBA logo is missing from the upper-chest area on the new Hornets uniforms.

The traditional placement is logo is visible here:

Here, you can see the traditional logo placement.

All NBA teams will make this move for the 2014-15 season and this has created quite a stir as many speculate the space on the front is being left blank for potential advertising space, a topic that has long been discussed by NBA brass. 

Potential annual revenue from jersey ads has been estimated in the $100 million dollar range. Not a bad way to gain some extra cash for the league.