LeBron’s ‘cramp game’ Finals jersey nets $50K at auction

LeBron James struggles with the heat during Game 1 of the NBA Finals against San Antonio.

Eric Gay/AP

It was the cramp that crippled the King.

Game 1 of the NBA Finals went down as one of the most unforgettable of the five-game series — mostly for the busted A/C system that turned the Spurs’ AT&T Center into the Brazilian rain forest, resulting in a cramp that left LeBron basically immobile for most of the second half.

The loss of LeBron proved too much for the Heat to handle (in addition to, ya know, the heat), resulting in a 110-95 loss to San Antonio. Even with the cramps, James still managed to drop 25 points, grab six rebounds and make three steals in the game.

Now, King James’ jersey from the first half of Game 1 — he and other Miami players apparently ditched their sweaty jerseys for fresh ones at half time — brought a hefty sum of $50,020 at an NBA auction, skyrocketing from an opening bid of $250 on June 12.  

Maybe the winning bidder — identified only as j****n — is trying to reenact Crampgate with his or her buddies, because the $50K paid for LeBron’s jersey was apparently just the start.

J****n also won auctions for the Game 1 jerseys of Tim Duncan ($20,770); Kawhi Leonard ($14,020); Tony Parker ($11,020); Dwyane Wade ($10,770); Ray Allen ($5,770); Chris Bosh ($5,770); Shane Battier ($2,820); and Chris Anderson ($1,851).