NBA scout: The Grizzlies could have ‘a potential disaster’ on their hands

Dave Joerger is trying to take the Grizzlies to the next level.
Nelson Chenault

The Grizzlies have had the same core together for half a decade, and because of that, they have thrived off their chemistry for years. A quartet of Zach Randolph, Mike Conley, Marc Gasol and Tony Allen has carried Memphis to becoming a consistent playoff team in the West. With other role players around those guys, the Grizzlies are always pushing 50 wins and beyond, but at what point do things change?

At what point do the Grizzlies become too old or too slow to be effective in the NBA's tougher conference? And more importantly, if Memphis were to add a divisive locker room figure, how much could that harm the already built-up chemistry between the best guys on the team?

Sports Illustrated spoke to an anonymous opposing scout about the Grizzlies, and apparently, he thinks that may already be the case:

He continued later on Barnes:

Barnes was an integral player for the Clippers the past couple of years, a guy who has started or finished plenty a scuffle with the Grizzlies, specifically. It's not like he'll help the team's shooting (you have to imagine Barnes' improved three-point percentage had as much to do with playing with Chris Paul and Blake Griffin as it did to do with his actual jump-shot improvement).

Barnes has already started issues with opposing players (and coaches) this offseason, including Knicks coach Derek Fisher and Thunder forward Serge Ibaka. 

They shot 34% from three last year and they added Matt Barnes. I can’t figure that out. Barnes has improved from the corner, but no one is going to deny him the ball. Vince Carter is at the very dusk of his career. Jeff Green is consistently inconsistent; he looked lost out there last year… Tony Allen doesn’t try to do things he can’t do. He’s as good as anyone at one-on-one defense. He can guard any three or two. He wants a consistent role; sometimes that went up and down with the addition of Green. Now you add Barnes to that mix, and you have to wonder how that is going to affect him.

Dave Joerger is a fine coach, but I don’t see a bunch of guys who have a connection with him, who look like they are out there playing for him. When you add a polarizing figure like [Barnes] to the mix, that’s a potential disaster.

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