NBA GMs: Grizzlies have one of the NBA’s best future coaches

Conley is one of the smartest players in the NBA.
Justin Ford/Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

With the annual NBA GMs survey out, the gossip is starting to spread.

Who do the league’s general managers think will be the best players this year? Who’s going to win the championship? Are do they believe are the breakout stars?

Then, there are the more niche categories, like which active player will make for the best coach someday? A Grizzlies player ended up sneaking onto that list:

1. Chris Paul, L.A. Clippers — 25 percent

2. Mike Conley, Memphis — 14.3 percent

3. Steve Blake, Detroit — 12.5 percent

4. Andre Miller, Minnesota — 7.1 percent

5. Jarrett Jack, Brooklyn — 5.4 percent

There’s an old, familiar name: Mike Conley. Conley has torn off his Most Underrated Player in the NBA standing and become just as celebrated as he’s supposed to be, now. That’s especially true after a strong, hobbled playoff performance from last season. Now, Conley gets the credit he deserves as one of the NBA’s best point guards, and apparently, also as one of the league’s smartest floor generals, too.

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