Report: Grizzlies one of the NBA’s least-valuable franchises

The Grizzlies may have lots of success in recent years, but that doesn't always translate to value.
Kelley L Cox/Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Every year, Forbes comes out with its list of estimated NBA franchise valuations, and every year, the big-market teams are, by no coincidence, at the top.

This year was no different. Forbes named the Knicks the most valuable franchise in the league at $3 billion, just a hair more expensive than the Lakers. The Grizzlies were, of course, further down the list.

Memphis came in as the No. 25-ranked franchise with an estimated value of $780 million. The teams behind the Grizzlies included the Hornets ($750 million), Timberwolves ($720 million), 76ers ($700 million), Bucks ($675 million) and Pelicans ($650 million). 

It’s hardly the Grizzlies’ fault that the franchise value is so low. (Low is obviously a relative term in this discussion.) Judging by Nielsen ratings, Memphis is, listed as the No. 50 DMA, just one spot ahead of New Orleans, which owns the smallest market size of any NBA city. It’s no coincidence that both of those city’s franchises were in the bottom six of Forbes’ list.

The average NBA franchise, according to Forbes, is now worth $1.25 billion.