Report: Grizzlies fans have the best grammar of all sports fans

Speak well of the Grizzlies, because they'll speak correctly of you.

No one grit and grinds through a comma splice like a Grizzlies fan. 

According to a study done by NPR, Memphis fans make the fewest amount of written grammar mistakes per word, averaging only 2.47 mistakes per 100 words. Here's an excerpt from the NPR report:

NPR says NBA fans have the best grammar of all sports. And in case you had no idea what grammar mistake rates were like, you now know.

Fans of the Memphis Grizzlies can exult, after ranking first in a new national study. And there's a good chance they'll spell “exult” correctly: The team's fans were found to make the fewest grammatical mistakes in a review of comments about three of America's major sports.


Among cities, the rankings give No. 1 Memphis a particular reason to brag over No. 42 Nashville, whose fans were judged to be the least reliable users of the English language. While Memphis fans made only an average of 2.47 mistakes for every 100 words they wrote, their Nashvillian peers committed more than 11 errors.

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