Magic coach says Lewis incident was `no big deal’

Orlando coach Stan Van Gundy says it was “no big deal” that

Rashard Lewis refused to re-enter the game in the second quarter

Thursday night at Utah.

Speaking before the Magic played the Phoenix Suns on Friday

night, Van Gundy called the incident “a one-time thing”

Van Gundy said he knows Lewis’ act was not in defiance but in

what he thought was best for the team, that he had two fouls and

his replacement was playing well.

“He had thoughts and thought that was what was best for the

team,” the coach said. “One thing I have confidence in with him

all the time – even if I disagree with him as I did at the time –

he is thinking about the team. He isn’t thinking about


Van Gundy said he has never had a disagreement like that in the

“couple of hundred” games he’s coached Lewis. He said he wished

he got along with everyone in his life as well as he does with


“I’m not going to blow that out of proportion,” Van Gundy

said. “If I got along with everyone else in my life as well as

Rashard, then I would be in good shape.”

Van Gundy said he had talked with Lewis so he would understand

“exactly what my thinking was.”