Locked On Heat: Analyzing the Heat with Palm Beach Post reporter Anthony Chiang

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Wes Goldberg (@wcgoldberg) and David Ramil (@dramil13) are joined by Anthony Chiang (@Anthony_Chiang) of the Palm Beach Post to talk about the Miami Heat’s season a quarter of the way through and answer some important questions like: Will the Heat tank? What’s the ideal starting lineup? Is Hassan Whiteside an All-Star? And where do you get Cuban food in Gainesville? .

  • 3:00 Goran Dragic’s impressive play
  • 7:00 Potential starting lineup (when healthy)
  • 14:00 Would the Heat tank?
  • 18:00 Is Dragic bothered by trade rumors?
  • 24:00 Do free agents want to play with Hassan Whiteside?
  • 30:00 What’s up with Derrick Williams?

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