Bryant establishes Kobe Studios on eve of his retirement

Just because Kobe is retiring doesn't mean he's going anywhere.
Alex Gallardo/AP

For the next two months, Kobe Bryant will be starting at small forward for the Los Angeles Lakers. But beyond that final game on April 13th, his retirement after 20 years in the NBA has some wondering what field Bryant — arguably the most competitive athlete in human history — will try and conquer next.

Inside the NBA’s Charles Barkley has said Bryant’s post-retirement options could be limited, considering his lack of a college diploma:

Though not everyone would agree with that take. And it looks as though the 37-year-old already has his post-NBA playing career in firmly in place, devoting his time to Kobe Inc. to "grow brands that challenge and redefine the sports industry" and perhaps change the narrative itself: 

Bryant has cited names like Walt Disney, Steve Jobs and J.K. Rowling as templates. As great as the Lakers star was on the court, Kobe Inc. could lift Bryant’s influential status to a whole different level. 

Or … not. Which makes the whole thing so fascinating; Bryant is maniacally driven, smart and ambitious. Watching it all unfold should make for a good show in itself.

“What my passion is now is creating the story,” Bryant told the Register. “Creating the story and finding the best possible way, the medium which that story can live.”