Myles Turner: The Pacers’ veterans really, really like breadsticks

In his latest Rookie Diary for, Indiana Pacers rookie Myles Turner discusses the path to recovery from his fractured left thumb suffered on Nov.11, his teammates and coaches rallying around him, and some of the rookie hazing he’s dealt with.

The hazing aspect was particularly interesting, as Turner said, despite his injury, the veterans on the team cut him no slack and still force him to pickup food for them. 

Such items include donuts, soda and … breadsticks. What? Why? How? Huh?

Let Turner explain:

That is certainly one of the more unique food requests for a rookie. Rookies typically have to get coffee and donuts for the veterans before and/or after practice, but breadsticks is a whole other discussion.

I don’t get any sympathy from the veterans because of the injury. I still have to get some bread sticks and donuts for the plane ride. I’ve still got to make sure I get this guy’s soda or do whatever I need to do. They definitely haven’t taken it easy on me.

Yeah, bread sticks. They like the bread sticks. Everybody. I’ve got to get like 30 of them, these special stuffed bread sticks, before the plane rides, plus these special donuts. It’s rough.

I wasn’t expecting any handouts or anybody to feel sorry for me. At the same time, it’s a little tough carrying everybody’s stuff with one hand. Usually Joe Young, the other rookie helps, but he’s in the D-League right now. He’s supposed to come back next week. Hopefully I’ll get some help for the next road trip.

Turner’s confessions leads down a rabbit hole of questions. Breadsticks from where? Do the Pacers have a go-to place (like a chain) or does it fluctuate city to city? 30? Is everyone having 2-3? Or are these split among a few players? What are they filled with? Cheese? Marina sauce? Are they salty? Sweet? What makes them so good?

Here’s to hoping we find out more in the coming days.