How watchable will the Houston Rockets be this season?

Will the Rockets be must-see-TV this season or not?
Bill Baptist/NBAE/Getty Images

The Houston Rockets are expected to be a title contender, which alone makes them worth watching this upcoming season. 

But just how watchable on a nightly basis will the Rockets be?  

In his annual column ranking all NBA teams on how aesthetically pleasing they will be for the upcoming season, Zach Lowe has the Rockets ranked 20th in the league. 

Here's more from him at Grantland:

“Team DVR is a title contender that bludgeons you with wave after wave of sprinting athletes, but that does not translate to a friendly Wednesday-night watch. The free throw parade is interminable (…)

The basketball product has become underrated amid constant shrieking about how James Harden allegedly sullies the game with his shoulder-shaking, Euro-stepping floppery. Come on. Harden draws fouls because he’s the league’s preeminent expert in using weirdo change-of-pace moves to tip guys off-balance, and when he detects a path to the rim, he’s as explosive as almost anyone. Harden draws fouls because people foul him.

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