Klay Thompson trolls the Showtime Lakers after Warriors’ Game 2 win

After you win an NBA Finals game by 33 points, as Klay Thompson and the Golden State Warriors did on Sunday night, you’re bound to be feeling pretty confident. Combine that sense of invincibility with an opportunity to have a little fun, and you get a slightly-trollish-in-the-best-way postgame press conference.

When they took their place at the podium following Game 2, Thompson and Draymond Green were almost immediately asked how they think their team compares to some of the NBA’s greatest teams of all time — because that’s just the kind of thing we do these days. Green answered the question thoughtfully and with nuance, bringing up the Showtime Lakers of the ’80s as one potential comparison. How, Green asked as a rhetorical device, could you say the Warriors are better than that team, since the two teams were separated by decades?

Easily, according to Thompson:

Q: Draymond, do you think this defensive performance puts you guys or solidifies you guys as one of the best teams of all time?

Green: No, we’ve got two more wins before you can even consider saying that. I don’t really look at are you the best team of all time, are we the best team of all time? Because I think it’s subjective. To say we’re better than the Showtime Lakers, how can you say that? We never played them.

Thompson (smiling): We were better than the Showtime Lakers.

Green: Like, saying we’re better than the Bulls, it’s like we’ll never play them. It’s two completely different eras. So I don’t really get off on the, “Are you the beat team of all time?” I’m trying to win rings, and that’s the only goal. Everybody else can decide what they want to decide on who is the best team of all time, who is not. We’ve got to win two more games, and they’ll be the hardest two wins of this entire season. So that’s my focus.

Of course, Thompson’s dad, Mychal, won two titles with those Showtime Lakers, so Klay’s comment is probably just a little bit of tongue-in-cheek ribbing. Call it revenge for dad predicting earlier this season that the Lakers would end Golden State’s record-setting win streak to open the season.

The older Thompson’s logic didn’t hold up in that particular game, but Los Angeles did deliver one of the Warriors’ nine losses on the year.

We’re pretty sure this was just Klay poking fun at his dad, anyway. It’s hard to be completely sure, since the Golden State shooting guard kept the hot takes coming:

Speaking of those Showtime Lakers, two of the greatest from that or any other era spent the day with a fellow celebrity in Los Angeles:

We can’t say that’s a group we ever expected to see together, although they’d probably have a thing or two to say about Klay’s comments.