Gerald Wallace takes shot at LeBron: ‘Jordan never had an off night’

Celtics forward Gerald Wallace grew up in the 1990s, so like most basketball fans of his generation, Michael Jordan will always be the greatest player he’s ever seen. LeBron James is up there, too.

James might also be a greater player than Kobe Bryant, but in Wallace’s eyes James still lacks something Jordan and Bryant had in excess.

“Jordan never had an off night,” Wallace told at his basketball camp in Alabama. “He found many ways to contribute to the team, and I’d say Kobe is pretty much the same. You can put LeBron in that category. I think what separates LeBron from Kobe and Michael Jordan right now is that he doesn’t have the attitude or fight that those guys had.

“For me, he’s not willing to take over a game, demand a game or put the game all on his shoulders. I would like to see him get to that one day, but right now I don’t think he has that. That’s what Michael Jordan and even Kobe has.”

Wallace might come to regret his statement next season if he is tasked with guarding James.


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