George Hill Isn’t Changing His Twitter Handle To Make You Happy

George Hill addressed fans on Instagram to explain why he’s still “Indiana George Hill” even after leaving the Indiana Pacers.

The internet is a weird place where people get really opinionated and tell you how to live your own life. Former Indiana Pacers guard George Hill let everyone on social media know what he thinks their opinions of his Twitter and Instagram name.

Hill reminded folks that he is from Indiana, and even if he isn’t playing with the Pacers anymore, that doesn’t change where he calls home.

With a Utah Jazz shirt on, Hill addressed those who have asked why he’s still “Indiana George Hill.”

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In case you forgot, Hill was born in Indianapolis, went to Broad Ripple High School, and then went played at IUPUI. The man is Indiana through and through.

Pacers fans were quick to blame George Hill for the team’s shortcomings — sometimes fairly, but often not — and didn’t always appreciate what Hill did for the Pacers.

Former Pacer Roy Hibbert isn’t Hoosier, but when he left Indiana he faced a similar issue as his Twitter handle was @hoya2apacer. Arguably he improved by changing it to @Roy_Meets_World.

Hill is doing just fine with the Jazz by the way. Through four games he’s averaging 20.5 points and 4.8 assists.

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