Derrick Rose thinks he’s yet to hit his peak, might be delusional

If Rose reaches a new peak, we'll print this post out and eat it.

Jennifer Stewart/Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sport

Give Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose credit for one thing: He’s exceptionally self-confident. Unfortunately for Rose and the Bulls, his optimism is bordering on delusion these days.

Rose’s comments started out fine, as he told reporters before Chicago’s game against the Miami Heat on Tuesday that he plans to play after missing the past three games with a hamstring injury. Then, things took a sharp turn into the land of dreams when Rose claimed that his best basketball-playing days are ahead of him:

Technically, we’re playing right into Rose’s comments by doubting the player he’s "going to become." And we love how Rose has carried himself throughout all of his adversity, even if some question his heart. It’s fine that he’s looking ahead to his next contract. That’s his prerogative.

To say that he’s going to surpass his previous performances, though? Seriously? Rose has an MVP aware on his mantle. Since then, he’s been through countless injuries that have sapped him of his explosiveness and any semblance of consistency. He’s a career 30-percent shooter on 3s, as well. So unless he’s suddenly going to pull a Jason Kidd overnight and learn to shoot from deep, we can’t see how Rose could reach a new peak as a player. At best, the hope is that Rose will continue to offer vintage performances here and there, like this tough finish:

Confidence is indeed a very good thing. But these comments from Rose don’t make any sense.