Who the hell is Danny Green?!?!

In a game featuring a more than a handful of future Hall of Famers and a pair of Big Threes, NBA history was made Sunday — by a guy for whom the number three represents the number of times he’s been cut in his career.

When he hit from downtown in the third quarter, the Spurs’ Danny Green broke the NBA record for 3-pointers made in a Finals series, breaking Ray Allen’s mark of 22 set in 2008. Allen, currently an opponent of Green with the Heat, set the mark while with Boston, and needed seven games to do it. Green currently sits at 25 of 38 for the series — through five games.

The feat is remarkable enough on its own. That’s an average of more than three 3s per game over a seven-game series. But then the real stunner isn’t the number, it’s the shooter. In 2010, Green was waived by the Cleveland Cavaliers (yeah, LeBron James was his teammate on that team). Twice the Spurs have cut him. He was a second-round pick. And shooting 3-pointers is about the only thing he does on the floor.

Green is a role player who has lost his damn mind in the best possible way at the best possible time.

Just look at the numbers he put up in Game 2.

And check out the highlights.

Someday, this record will fall. Maybe someday soon; basketball at all levels is utilizing the 3-point line now more than ever. But odds are the record-breaker is not going to be a (now former) fringe NBA player. It’s going to be a Ray Allen, a Reggie Miller, maybe a LeBron James.

A Danny Green? This may never happen again.