Buddy Hield is ‘pissed off’ about his Summer League performance

Hield (right) couldn't find his shot in Las Vegas.


In an interview with SB Nation’s Tim Cato, Buddy Hield, former college basketball star and most recently the New Orleans Pelicans’ 6th overall pick in the 2016 NBA Draft, expressed extreme displeasure with the first impression he delivered at the Summer League in Las Vegas earlier this month.

It’s Summer League, though — when a lot of college players get their first competitive, professional experience — so it’s OK when there are some growing pains, right? No, it appears the poor performance is really bothering Hield:

The good news is: Hield has lit a fire under his own resolve.

In his five games played, Hield shot worse overall (32.7 percent) than he did from behind the 3-point line (46 percent) during his memorable senior season at Oklahoma.

Though his 16.8 points per game average in Vegas ranked him among the league’s top scorers, Hield told ESPN’s Justin Verrier that the statistic is pretty much irrelevant if he’s going to continue shooting poorly:

Add this to the list of stories to watch when the NBA restarts in October.