Brad Stevens surprises the Celtics with a trampoline dunk

Brad Stevens is officially the best dunker on the Boston Celtics.
Joe Murphy/NBAE/Getty Images

Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens might be the very best tactician in the entire NBA. His game plans are near-flawless creations that put Boston in a position to win every night, and his after-time-out sets are some of the most creative (and effective) in the business.

But during a recent Celtics practice, Stevens impressed his team with his body instead of his mind. How? By jumping off a trampoline and throwing down a vicious dunk for no particular reason—other than to show everybody he can:

@celtics Coach Stevens does it all!! He's eyeing a spot on next year's #celticsdunkteam #Celtics #freestyledunking #greenrunsdeep @espn @sportscenter

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Without winning a championship (yet), Stevens is about as beloved as any coach in professional sports. (He even received a write-in vote in New Hampshire’s presidential primary earlier this month.) Now in his third season with the Celtics, the 39-year-old is 12 games below .500 with a career 100-124 regular-season record. 

But this year’s group is as watchable as any in the entire Eastern Conference. They play fast, share the ball, jack up a ton of threes and work extremely hard on the defensive end. If the season ended today, they’d have home-court advantage in the playoffs. 

So much of Boston’s success is the result of every player on the team having the utmost respect for Stevens’ vision, work ethic and commitment to excellence. 

After watching him throw down off a trampoline, can you blame them?