Is Brad Stevens finally tightening Boston’s rotation?

Is Brad Stevens listening to his players' advice?
David Butler II/David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Celtics are deep. That's their greatest strength. They play a lot of guys a lot of minutes. But it's not the most stable environment in the NBA, and players who've tasted more conventional surroundings are getting antsy. 

There's a chance Brad Stevens might be listening to their complaints. Here's more on the situation, via CBS Boston's Brian Robb:

The Celtics have a crowded frontcourt, but not all those guys are necessarily playing well, and it doesn't make sense to throw the poor options on the court for 10-15 minutes a night for no tangible reason. 

Still, Boston has one of the best defenses in the league. Is it possible that gets even better with a firm rotation?

On Monday night, Stevens decided to heed Crowder’s advice and tighten the leash on certain lineups. The starting lineup was in a groove, while the second unit (outside of Evan Turner) were not carrying their weight, especially in the fourth quarter. In response, Stevens stuck with his starters for big minutes, playing six players more than 30 minutes for the first time all year. The decision paid dividends immediately as Boston held off a fourth quarter surge from the Heat to leave town with an impressive 105-95 win. It’s too early to tell whether the shift will translate to future contests for Stevens’ rotation, but the improved clarity in the interim should come in handy with three touch road matchups looming in the next six days.

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