Blake Griffin high-fiving the person he punched makes for awkward photo

Just two basketball bros, high-fiving each other like it’s no big deal.

Except that was Blake Griffin and Matias Testi, the team employee he punched in the face repeatedly last month outside a Toronto restaurant. Griffin and the assistant equipment manager rejoined the team Thursday for the first time since Jan. 23.

Griffin has apologized and said the two of them are back on friendly terms, but Testi doesn’t look too good or too happy. Poor guy can’t be too comfortable when he sees Griffin’s right hand coming at him.

Listen, we get it. We’ve had relationships that got super-tense and might or might not have come to blows. It happens, and people move on.

That doesn’t make this photo any less awkward, however, as Twitter pointed out with its own #Family photos:

Griffin is expected to return next month. Until then, you’re probably going to see a lot of this picture all over the Internet.