Bismack Biyombo apologizes after dropping expletive during post-game interview

You can’t say Bismack Biyombo was lying.

The Toronto Raptors big man gave a completely honest post-game interview after Tuesday night’s comeback win over the lowly Brooklyn Nets. Twitter user Anthony Zucco posted footage of Biyombo’s chat.

When asked what Raptors head coach Dwane Casey said in the locker room after Toronto ended the first half down 58 to 42, Biyombo laid it out there in the precise language that was used: they had to play better, because they were getting their [butts] handed to them on a silver dish:

"We got to play better, we got to play defense," Biyombo sad. "This is our home. We cannot let people come in here, and actually kick our [expletive]."

Biyombo immediately apologized. He didn’t mean to swear, that was just the truth.

"Excuse my language, but that’s the word. The right word to use," Biyombo said.

Well, he’s not wrong.

When you’re getting the hot cheese beaten out of you at home by the Brooklyn Nets, there’s going to be hand-picked language in the locker room. That’s just a mathematical certainty.

The Raptors came back to win 104-99, effectively un-kicking their own [expletive].


Dan is on Twitter. Bismack never told no lie.