Del Rio Says No Surgery For Jones-Drew

Jaguars Pro Bowl running back Maurice Jones-Drew has not had
knee surgery Jacksonville coach Jack Del Rio said Monday.

Del Rio squelched the surgery rumors put out by an Internet blog
report which said Jones-Drew had the surgery.

”No,” he said. ”No, has not happened, is not necessary. He’s
working, rehabbing, strengthening and gearing up for the regular

Because of the team’s short week, they beat Tampa on Saturday,
Del Rio will give Jones-Drew, who has a sometimes balky left knee,
more rest and he won’t play against Atlanta on Thursday.

”There’s always a fine line,” Del Rio said. ”You want to work
your guys, they need to be ready to go, they need to be playing at
their best.”

Jones-Drew, who had 10 carries in the preseason last season, has
only six carries for minus-two yards this preseason, but Del Rio
said he’ll worry about the running back being in game shape

”I think in terms of ideal scenarios you’d like to have a
little more active work going into it,” Del Rio said. ”I think
arriving to the regular season with him at full strength ready to
take his turn, I think that’s most important rather than trying to
decide whether or not he’s going to be able to carry it 30 or 35

A team spokesman said Jones-Drew declined to comment.