Warriors fans taunted LeBron with the most ridiculous signs before Game 5

BY Andrew Lynch • June 13, 2016

Suffice it to say that Golden State Warriors fans were not at all happy to see LeBron James before Game 5.

Every time that the Cleveland Cavaliers star touched the ball during warmups, Warriors fans unleashed a hail of boos in his direction:

But those angry vocalizations had nothing on the absurdly ridiculous signs that were in the crowd:

I mean, I guess those are okay. But really, Golden State fans? You couldn't get a little more creative than that? LeBron stepped over Draymond Green and (probably) goaded him into getting suspended for Game 5, and "leBaby" is the best you've got?

Also, this seems like a pretty risky strategy. If LeBron goes off in Game 5, are Warriors fans going to take some of the blame for riling up the King?

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