LeBron James returns to social media and crushes all of his doubters

BY Aaron Torres • June 20, 2016

In what has become an annual tradition, LeBron James took a social media hiatus throughout the NBA playoffs, last tweeting on April 16 and sharing an Instagram post of a black screen that same day, a sign that you wouldn't be hearing from him in immediate future.

On Monday, with another NBA title in hand, LeBron came back from his social media hiatus in a big way... with one of the most brazen, straight-forward and honest Instagram posts we've seen from the now three-time champion.

LeBron posted this picture, showing only his Kermit the Frog "that's not any of my business" hat, before releasing an IG rant for the ages -- one almost as impressive as his title run for the ages these past seven games.

It reads:

As they say, "It's good to be King."

And no one's got it better than LeBron James right now.

The haters have no leg left to stand on, and he knows it.


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