'Chuckolepsy' strikes as Charles Barkley nearly falls asleep on-air

BY foxsports • March 14, 2014

Looks like Charles Barkley was feeling a bit sluggish after back-to-back NBA games on Thursday night. 

The former Phoenix Sun was caught heavy-lidded during the "Inside the NBA" broadcast, leaving the others to take it upon themselves to poke fun at the sleepy bear. 

"They actually pay you to be here," Kenny Smith said. 

Shaq called it "Chuckolepsy" before making his own impression: 

Shaq pulls a Barkley. 

"Y'all bored me, man," Barkley shot back, adding, "Once 'Scandal' was done, I was done for the night."

Check out the full video below: 

H/t Bleacher Report

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