Charles Barkley: Last Two Minute report is 'one of the stupidest things the NBA has done'

BY Aaron Torres • June 8, 2016

From LeBron to D-Wade and everyone in between, there doesn't appear to be anyone who likes the NBA's 'Last Two Minute Report.' The report, which is filed following all playoff games that are within five points at the under-two-minute mark, was intended to protect referees. But instead, this spring, has exposed them time and again.

Again, nobody seems to like it, and on Wednesday, the NBA got one more outspoken critic of the report: Charles Barkley.

He appeared on the Dan Patrick Show and ripped the rule to shreds while also praising the referees.

Barkley continued, bringing up an additional and fascinating point.

Sadly, while the general public can't stand the report, it seems like it doesn't bother the NBA that much. The NBA Referees Association asked the league to reconsider the rule Tuesday but were essentially overruled by Adam Silver, who said he "strongly" maintained support for it.

Expect the report to stay in place, no matter how many loud, smart and outspoken voices (like Barkley's) continue to rally against it.

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