Michael Morse suffered a concussion after colliding with Jeff Samardzija during Harper-Strickland brawl

May 31, 2017

San Francisco Giants pitcher Jeff Samardzija was very eager to get involved in Monday's brawl sparked by Hunter Strickland beaning Bryce Harper. He was probably a bit too eager.

Samardzija ended up colliding with teammate Michael Morse as the two attempted to insert themselves in the fracas. The impact was a pretty brutal one.


On Tuesday, Morse was placed on the 7-day disabled list with a concussion. Giants manager Bruce Bochy believes that it came as a result of his violent collision with Samardzija.

"That's the unfortunate thing about these brawls you have," Bochy said about the injury. "Guys are running in and trying to break it up and here he gets hurt trying to break things up, so he's down for a while. ... When you see those two collide, he got caught in the side of the face and jaw area. That's a big man that hit him. I'm not surprised. When you watch that collision, it was pretty violent."

Morse stayed in the game following the brawl (he grounded out in his only plate appearance after the fight) and insisted he was fine, but he failed a concussion test after exhibiting symptoms of post-concussion syndrome at batting practice on Tuesday.