Indians pitcher surprises batter with a bizarre quick-pitch

BY foxsports • June 9, 2016

Seattle Mariners third baseman Kyle Seager got a second chance after grounding out in the fourth inning against the Indians Wednesday when umpires ruled that the pitch thrown by Carlos Carrasco didn't count. 

In the bottom of the fourth inning and no one on base, Carrasco started his delivery to the plate, but quickly broke out of his usual routine and tossed a quick-pitch to the plate, which caught Seager by surprise. Seager took a short swing at the ball and hit it directly to the first baseman. 

When Seager arrived at first, he stopped and watched the replay on the videoboard just to see what had happened. 

Unfortunately for Carrasco, his pitch was illegal. Carrasco took his foot off the rubber before he threw the ball, and umpires brought Seager back to home plate to resume the at-bat after a short conference. 

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