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- We're here with Jerry Kelly, a 4-under 66 today. Jerry, really good playing. What do you have working in the game today?

- Really the driver. It was just my tee shots basically. I was just pretty smooth and getting the ball in the fairway. So then I'd have some short irons and some of my mid irons were right on. So I knocked the ball fairly close too. So I think the putting was working well. I missed two very makeable, but other than that, I had some great saves and some great birdies.

- And your group kind of had it going on the second hole there. You put one in close, and Miguel one upped you a little bit.

- Yeah, yeah, that was pretty funny. I mean, that up and down he had from behind the green on number one, I think that got him going. And then he watched my ball come just miss, and he played the exact shot and made it. So it was pretty fun.

- Now you've been playing really well. Four straight top tens coming in. And this is your 17th consecutive round of par or better. Different venues, different weeks, how do you keep the hot play going?

- I don't know. I just, there's no give up in there. You just keep working as hard as you can on every single shot every single day. I mean, it's cliche, but but the ones you do it know. I mean, there's no room for just kind of taking it easy.

- And afternoon round today. Tomorrow you go off in the morning. Do you think there's a little bit of an opportunity do some scoring on some smooth greens?

- Yeah, I'm sure they're going to have them sped up, even though it's morning. There'll be some dew and things like that. But I'm looking for some smooth ones, but it depends on the pin placements. We'll see what happens.