Cougar! Did the Patriots name an audible after Belichick's squeeze?

Well, we heard Tom Brady say the word 'cougar' followed by 'Linda,' during Sunday's game against the Broncos. So ... you do the math.

Did Bill Belichick's girlfriend find her way into the Patriots' playbook?

Jim Rogash / Getty Images North America

The New England Patriots have an audible called "Cougar," and it is named after coach Bill Belichick's girlfriend, according to the Boston Herald.

The story goes that quarterback Tom Brady on Monday hollered out, "Cougar! Cougar! Linda!" during an apparent audible, after which he threw a touchdown pass to Rob Gronkowski.

Now, there could certainly be explanations that transcend the comprehension of us layfolk, but it is true that Belichick's girlfriend is named Linda Holliday, and it is further true that Holliday would qualify as a cougar under a liberal definition of the term. Conservatively, the term refers to middle-aged women who pursue relationships with younger men (which would not apply to any relationship involving Belichick). But popular usage has watered down the term to mean something along the lines of "hot lady whose 20s are well behind her."

So this could use a little clarification, but Holliday will take it.

"Well, since it was obviously a good call and a well-executed play, I'll take a tiny bit of credit, but only for a well-named play," she told the Herald.

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