Vancouver Canucks: Trevor Linden Needs to Sell Fans on a Rebuild

Management believes that Vancouver Canucks fans will not tolerate a rebuild. If that’s true, it’s Trevor Linden’s job to convince them.

Now that the Vancouver Canucks have a losing record, it’s a good time to revisit the idea of rebuilding.

You know, the thing that Jim Benning and Trevor Linden say they’re currently doing?

Management’s excuse for avoiding a full demolition of the current roster is that the fans won’t support a rebuild. Of course, that isn’t the reason they won’t do it. That’s just their justification after the fact.

Maybe they don’t believe a rebuild will work. Or maybe they are under pressure from ownership to get attendance back up by assembling a somewhat competitive team. Regardless, it’s clear that Benning and Linden themselves are the ones who will not support a rebuild.

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As for the fans, attendance at Rogers Arena suggest that management is mistaken about what they will support.

Still, let’s say, for the sake of argument, that Linden and company are right. Let’s pretend that fan opinion is the only thing keeping the Canucks from embracing the tank. If that’s true, it doesn’t let them off the hook.

Be a leader, not a follower

Trevor Linden is the president of this team. His job is not to gauge what fans want and then implement whatever they decide. Like any CEO, he has to determine the vision for the company he runs.

And once he embraces a vision, he has to sell that vision to his shareholders. That’s us.

Again, let’s assume that fans really don’t want to rebuild. If Trevor Linden decided a rebuild was needed, he should start trying to convince the fans. He should keep convincing us until we bought in.

If he really thought he couldn’t sell it before, this losing streak is another chance. Losing sucks; and losing in a boring way sucks a lot more.

What’s worse is that everyone in the organization said they were trying to win this year. This six-game run is a harsh wakeup call. If the Canucks can be this miserable when trying to win, imagine what they would be like while trying to lose?

Time to face facts, Mr. Linden. This Canucks team isn’t built to win anymore. It needs a new direction.  Your job is to choose that new direction and sell it to us. Don’t tell us that we don’t want it. Instead, convince us that we do.

The Vancouver Canucks cannot stay the course any longer. Fans have seen where the course leads, and they aren’t buying it anymore.

Time to sell a new vision. You’re up, Trevor.

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