Vancouver rioter gets prison

A man who threw a newspaper box onto a police car windshield and smashed a store window in the aftermath of the Stanley Cup last year became the first person to be sentenced for his role in the infamous riots in Vancouver, CBC News reported.

Ryan Dickinson, 20, was jailed for 16 months Thursday for the criminal damage caused last June, with another month added because his involvement in the violence saw him break bail conditions from a previous assault charge.

Dickinson will serve 13 and a half months, having been held in pretrial custody for three and a half months. He also received an additional two years probation during the sentencing at Vancouver Provincial Court.

Judge Malcolm MacLean ruled Dickinson had been among the leaders of the riots, whose "conscious and deliberate decisions" may have encouraged others to run amok following the Vancouver Canucks’ seventh game defeat to the Boston Bruins.

Vancouver police Chief Constable Jim Chu said Dickinson’s sentence was "a victory for the victims and citizens of Vancouver."

Dickinson, of Coquitlam, British Columbia, pleaded guilty last month to taking part in the riots. His lawyer had requested a one-year sentence.

The Crown has approved 141 charges against 52 people in relation to the riots. In total, 350 charges have been recommended against 125 people.