Report: Leafs exec met with Toronto police to discuss player cocaine use

Viktor Loov's recent comments about cocaine in the NHL took on new meaning Monday.
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When Leafs prospect Viktor Loov told a Swedish outlet in September that there was a lot of cocaine use in the NHL, it was easy to write off the report as an exaggeration or a statement that might have gotten lost in translation. But when reports emerged Monday that the NHL is aware of rising cocaine usage in the NHL, it started to look like Loov was onto something. 

According to the TSN investigation into the rise of cocaine use in the NHL, a Maple Leafs executive even met with Toronto police about the team's connections to cocaine usage.

To date, no current member of the Maple Leafs has been caught possessing or using cocaine, but the NHL has had two run-ins with the drug in as many years. Jarret Stoll of the New York Rangers was charged with possession of cocaine over the summer and plead guilty to a lesser charge of breaching the peace. In 2014, Tampa Bay's Ryan Malone was charged with cocaine possession and a DUI. The Lightning bought out Malone's contract following his arrest. 

Loov reportedly told a Swedish outlet in September that he does not know of any teammate who used cocaine but said players do talk about cocaine use. 

“In the NHL there is a lot of cocaine,” Loov said, per a translation. “There is bound to be some in the AHL as well.”

The TSN report about NHL cocaine use claimed that the league is considering adding the drug to its banned substances list.

(h/t Pension Plan Puppets, TSN)

Last season, a senior Maple Leafs team executive met with Toronto Police Service officers to address concerns that Leafs players were purportedly using cocaine or were associating with those who were, according to two people familiar with the matter.
A Maple Leafs spokesperson declined to comment.

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